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The M.A.S.S. Movement


Our Mission:


The Temple Of Hip Hop is an International Hip Hop Preservation Ministry, Archive, School, and Society (M.A.S.S.) founded by the Teacha “KRS ONE”. The responsibility of our International Temple Of Hip Hop Leadership Council is to serve as a Vanguard and make sure that the M.A.S.S. is continually activated.

This active think tank is comprised of artists, educators, activists, and community leaders working together to develop progressive initiatives to foster inspiration and action in local communities. Our leadership develops strategic partnerships with other organizations throughout the country to promote and engage in social action, civic service, and cultural creativity.


Our Ministry:


As a ministry, we promote the divinity of Hip Hop and its culture. We seek to relieve human suffering through an awareness of useful spiritual knowledge. We are a self realization ministry. We believe that GOD speaks through one’s true purpose in life.


Our Archive:


As an archive, we seek to collect, document and promote Hip Hop’s spiritual and material experiences in the World. Our aim is to continue developing our traveling Hip Hop exhibits and official Hip Hop museum/archive for the remembrance and study of Hip Hop’s history, art and culture. We intend to edutain the public as to Hip Hop’s spiritual first causes and material effects beyond music entertainment.


Our School:


As a school, we seek to teach Hiphop, Hip Hop and hip-hop to all interested apprentices/students. We believe that a good education does not prepare you for the job market exclusively. We believe that a good education helps you to realize and perfect your true life purpose. Such an education helps YOU to become a better YOU.


Our Society:

As a Hiphop society we seek to preserve Hip Hop’s original causes. Whether it is with skill, influence, knowledge, art and/or money, as a society our existence and activity insure Hip Hop’s proper documentation in World history. Temple Members silently help one another through the challenges of life. Without advertising the fact that we are Temple Members, our aim is to silently relieve human suffering whenever and wherever possible. Temple Members are those Hiphoppas who share a basic thirst for Truth and an unshakable love for Hip Hop.

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