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The study and application of street dance forms. Originally called the Go-Off, Burnin’ and/or Boy Yong Yong, Breakin is commonly called Break Dancing or b-boying today and it now includes the once independent dance forms of Up-Rockin, Krumpin, Poppin and Lockin, Jailhouse or Slap-Boxing, Double Dutch, Electric Boogie and Capoeira martial arts. It is also commonly referred to as freestyle street dancing. The practitioners of traditional Breakin are called b-boys, b-girls and Breakers.


Ⅰ. Breakin moves are also used in aerobics and other exercises that refine the body and relieve stress. Dance and other rhythmic body movements appear at the genesis of human awareness and remain the center of good health.


Ⅱ. Breakin gets our hearts pumping at about 120 beats per minute, and if we can break or dance at least three times a week for only 20 minutes we will have enhanced our physical health and prolonged our very lives by years.

Like letters, dance is also a form of communication. In fact, Poppin, Lockin, and Electric Boogie are all body symbols; even body letters.


III. Dance is often used as a form of self-expression; it is like a language (body language). It is also a form of healing and rejuvenation. Break-dancing: acrobatic style of street dancing.


Ⅳ. While breakdancing (a term disowned by all b-boys) began with crews like the Nigga Twins, the Zulu Kings, the Salsoul Crew, the City Boys, Freeze Force, Starchild La Rock, the Disco Kids, and the KC Crew, the most influential was undoubtedly the Rock Steady Crew. Formed in 1977 by Jojo Torres, Jimmy Lee, Mongo Rock, Spy and Jimmy Dee,
the Rock Steady Crew gathered together the best of the second
wave of Latino b-boys who had come to dominate the field since
it migrated out of the Bronx in the early 70s.


Ⅴ. The RSC main innovation was to make b-boying more athletic, more gymnastic. Many of these moves were pioneered by the two b-boys who are generally considered the greatest: Richie ‘Crazy Legs’ Colon and Ken ‘Swift’ Gabbert. Moves like the windmill, the whip, the 1990, the chair and the spider are credited to Crazy Legs and Ken Swift, who helped the RSC become the dominant crew in legendary battles against the Dynamic Breakers, the Floor Masters and the New York City Breakers

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