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As a Hip Hop preservation ministry, we intend to preserve, document and deify the memories of our Hip Hop ancestors and remember the miraculous events of our existence as Hip Hop. It is here, that we recognize our divinity and the Great Spirit that guides, protects and strengthens us. Our spiritual development over the past 50 years has revealed to us an empowering “Knowledge of Self” unique to our existence as Hip Hop. We call this accumulated body of authentic cultural knowledge “The Gospel of Hip Hop”. Conceived in 1994 and published in 2009, The Gospel of Hip Hop reminds the Hip Hop community of its strengths and inspire our people away from that which harms them (us) and onward toward that which empowers them (us). Knowing right from wrong, real from fake, cause from effect, having a trustworthy reputation and an unshakable faith in one’s self, having an attitude of excellence, eager to help and easy to get along with others, these are the attributes of divine beings, and as a “temple” for and from the community of Hip Hop, we not only teach this; we prove this with a matching character.

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