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As a Hip Hop preservation school, we intend to produce the world’s most informed and most respected Hip Hop teachers and cultural preservationists. As a learning institution, The Temple of Hip Hop teaches teachers how to correctly teach Hip Hop (See An Introduction To Hip Hop: Master Class video). The idea here is that Hip Hop has to be taken as seriously as any learnable or teachable subject. It (Hip Hop) is just too valuable and too important to the livelihood of real Hiphoppas to be taught by those that are not Hip Hop, nor had anything to do with the formation of Hip Hop as “culture”. Here, those educators that are serious about Hip Hop’s cultural continuity and seek their cultural information from Hip Hop’s legitimate cultural sources, can finally access such sources and source information in a legitimate Hip Hop institution governed by legitimate Hip Hop pioneers, apprentices, students and teachers. Together, as a Hip Hop preservation ministry, archive, school and society, The Temple of Hip Hop offers a new and exciting Hip Hop learning experience for those seriously interested in successful careers practicing Hip Hop.

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