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“Hiphoppas who commit to the teachings of the Temple of Hip Hop join a community of like-minded people who practice Hip Hop beyond entertainment. Temple Members help one another through the obstacles of life. We protect one another. We advise one another. We respect one another. We love one another. We support one another. Such is our strength.”

- Page 647, Paragraph 16, The Gospel of Hip Hop

There are three steps to becoming an active member of the Temple of Hip Hop:

  1. Securing a copy of the Gospel of Hip Hop

  2. Joining our weekly study calls

  3. Supporting the Temple with monthly dues

(Scroll down for details on each step)

From there, opportunities will arise for you to join us in person and/or online at our events. attending these opportunities will enable you to get more involved with our work.


Although Temple members own our gospel, join our weekly study calls, and pay monthly dues, the true and final test of your membership is your character: your intentions and actions in daily life. Throughout your studies, ask yourself, do you truly live Hip Hop?


Sahlymah GOHH

In 1997, we issued a worldwide census which asked thousands of “Hiphoppas”: what is Hip Hop? How would you improve upon it? What would you like to see from Hip Hop?


These responses, along with the notes from our Hip Hop conferences and summits, in addition to numerous interviews with Hip Hop’s founders, artists, activists, and authors, as well as 20 years of hands-on experience, with Hip Hop’s arts and sciences, produced the body of knowledge that we now call the “Gospel of Hip Hop.”

The Gospel of Hip Hop is a uniquely written instrument designed to guide a new generation of Hiphoppas spiritually and establish the groundwork for a new Hip Hop nation.


The Gospel of Hip Hop lays out a practical approach to the spiritual living of Hip Hop.


Membership with the Temple of Hip Hop begins with you securing a copy of the Gospel of Hip Hop for yourself. Everything about our Temple, its meaning and purpose, its schedule, and its mission is further explained there.

Those who actively study and practice the teachings of the gospel of Hip Hop are considered Temple Members.


Every Sunday, we gather on YouTube at 12:00 pm EST to read and study the gospel of Hip Hop together in real time. Temple members are expected to be present at these teachings. Click the video below to get to our YouTube channel!


Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel so that you are notified whenever we start a new study call.

If you are just learning about our weekly study calls, we encourage you to go back through the library of content on our YouTube channel and watch the past Gospel studies. They contain important knowledge.


Temple members are also encouraged to make a monthly donation to the Temple of Hip Hop in order to help uplift and expand our teachings.


*Temple Members only*

Temple dues help fund all of our projects, tours, exhibits, events, media and more as a Temple. By giving monthly dues, you confirm your membership and declare yourself an integral part of the growth of the Temple of Hip Hop.​

Finally, as a Hip Hop preservation society, members of The Temple of Hip Hop are always looking for ways to further develop and expand Hip Hop’s global image. Members of our society have united around a specific Hip Hop language designed to empower us and identify those of like-mind. In addition, The Temple of Hip Hop has set-up networks all over the world regarding the interrelated social functioning of Hip Hop as well as Hip Hop’s employment sources, so that our students, apprentices, teachers and members can have a strong community of like-minded people to draw support, protection, employment and advice from our Hip Hop preservation society also includes almost all of Hip Hop’s original “pioneers”, “creators” and “teachers” and a host of legendary professionals all eager to teach and advise our community.

Thank you for your generosity and support.

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