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The study and application of fair trade and Hip Hop business management. Commonly referred to as street trade, having game, the natural salesman, or the smooth diplomat. It is the readiness to engage in the creation of a business venture that brings about grassroots business practices. Many of Hip Hop’s apprenticeships begin here.


Different from an entrepreneur which may include the techniques and practices of the entrepreneur, while entrepreneurial-ism focuses upon the motivating Spirit to be self-employed, inventive, creative and self-educated.


It is this Spirit; the Spirit of self-creation, the urge to create and sell one’s own talents, discoveries and inventions that is encouraged by these teachings. Its practitioners are known as hustlers and self-starters. Entrepreneur—a selfmotivated creative person who undertakes a commercial venture.


In the past one had to attend college, or military service, or borrow money to start up a business, or work up the corporate ladder until retirement if one was going to make it out of one’s lot in life. It was through America’s major social institutions that opportunity was found and when those institutions began to deteriorate, the needs of the People fell upon Hip Hop’s artistic upsurge in the 1980s and 1990s.

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