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The study and application of ancestral wisdom. Commonly refers to the basic common sense and accumulated wisdom of urban families. It consists of techniques, phrases, codes and terms used to survive within the inner cities.


 It involves the ability to reason soundly with or without the ideas or validation of the traditional academic mainstream. Street Knowledge is the accumulation of Hip Hop’s cultural self-awareness. Its practitioners are known as Hiphoppas as well as Sisters, Brothers, Goddesses, Gods, Mothers, Fathers, Teachas, Queens, Kings, Princesses, Princes, Lords and Divine.


Contrary to the myth that knowledge is only accumulated in quiet, ordered, academic environments, much of Hip Hop’s communal knowledge can be found with its comedians, poets and authors. Hiphoppas learn and transfer knowledge through laughter and having fun. Streetwise—knowing how to survive modern urban life.


Black’s Law Dictionary describes “civilization” as A law, an act of justice, or judgement which renders a criminal process civil. Black’s Law continues, A term which covers several states of society; it is relative, and has no fixed sense, but implies an improved and progressive condition of the people ,living under an organized government. It consists not merely in material achievements, in accomplishments in culture, science, and knowledge, but also in doing of equal and exact justice.


The teacha battles with the intent to correct the opposing force. The teacha battles with knowledge and awareness.

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